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RAD365 - a company dedicated to deliver quality health care solution and services. RAD365 has created two innovative platforms in the area of Remote Patient Care and Anytime Radiology. Both this platform connects the patients and care providers in some unique way to address their problem statement. Remote Patient Care solution helps the patients to get more involved in his/her care management and also share the health data on a real time basis. While Anytime Radiology platform helps patient and their family members to get a second opinion from specialists around the globe with a single click. It is a perfect blend of technology and healthcare services that RAD365 intends to present globally.


RAD365 is a full-fledged HealthCare Services Company aimed at implementing technology into Healthcare in the optimum way. Our global clients include hospitals, imaging centers, local radiology groups, outpatient clinics, urgent care centers, private practice physicians and office-based imaging practices.

“Technology is transforming healthcare. Technology is making healthcare innovations possible. Great things are happening. Let’s join hands to uplift our patients with telemedicine.” RAD365 serves mainly in Remote Patient Care, Teleradiology and SOFTWARE. We take pride in the fact that we are entering into an arena of digital healthcare transformation and our services are helping patients and their family members get access to timely healthcare services.

Our solutions on Preventive Care, Post Surgical Care, Neo-natal Care, Geriatric Care helps the patients to get quality and timely diagnostic care.

Remote Patient Care

Using digital technologies, the aim of Remote patient care is to collect health, medical and other forms of health information from individuals in one location and electronically transmit that information securely to Physicians, Family members and health care providers in a different location for assessment, view and recommendations.
For people with chronic diseases like diabetes and heart conditions, RPM can significantly improve the quality of life.
The collaborative framework helps the physicians and health care providers to engage their patients and loved ones in a meaningful way so they can effectively collaborate and coordinate health related information and develop a better care management.
The solution has the below components:
  • BT enabled device that is enabled by wireless communications to measure physiological / Vital parameters
  • Data storage locally at patient’s site that interfaces between sensors and other cloud based centralized data centres and/or healthcare providers
  • The software component helps to provide data real time and also provides alerts based on the analysis of collected data
With chronic disease rates on the rise due to societal impact, remote patient monitoring systems give patients more ownership over managing their conditions and have a quality life.

Anytime Radiology

Anytime Radiology holds a prime importance in enhancing the quality of the imaging services. Our radiology second opinion service assures the complete patient satisfaction through the accurate second reads by our experienced radiologists. We offer second opinion in the following modalities:
  • CT
  • MRI
  • X-Ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Mammography
  • PET scan
  • Nuclear
We provide the second opinion at competitive price and the interpretations will give you the peace of mind you desire.
Some salient features of our Anytime Radiology services are:
Free registration. Any hospital or patient can opt for a 2nd opinion on any report. Panel of Radiologists to choose from: American Board Certified Subspecialty Radiologists Fellow of the Royal College of Radiology, UK Eminent panel of MD, Radiologists, INDIA Reports are available in 24-48 hours. Upload CD of CT/MRI/XRAY/USG/PET CT through our proprietary software online.
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